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Frequently Asked Questions, Rules and Regulations

The Crematorium is located on Mersea road. Please see below map

There are 65 dedicated spaces including 4 disabled bays at the crematorium and various lay-bys in and around the Cemetery grounds

We have 120 seats within the chapel and some standing room to the rear. There are speakers outside of the chapel where you can stand under the porte coche

Mourners gather at the crematorium at an arranged time. When the coffin arrives the close family will follow it into the chapel. The coffin will be placed on a platform and the service will start. Towards the end of the service, the coffin will usually be hidden from view by curtains. If you are arranging a funeral and would prefer the coffin to remain on view until everyone has left, we can arrange that for you. At the end of the service, the funeral director will lead the close family out of the chapel, followed by the other mourners. You will have an opportunity to look at the floral tributes and the family will have time to thank people for coming.

No, usually burial is more expensive. This is because of the shortage of burial space in the UK. Ask your local funeral director for local costs.

Yes. You can have a religious or a non-religious service, or no service at all. The service must be carried out within the time allowed for each funeral, which varies between each crematorium. If you prefer, you can hold a service in a separate place, like a church, followed by a ceremony at the crematorium. You can arrange for your own minister to carry out the service or the funeral director will help you find a suitable person.

Within 24 hours of the service. A close member of the family may witness the cremation, as some religions require. If you would like to arrange this, please tell the funeral director when you make the funeral arrangements

The coffin is taken into a room where the nameplate is checked again. An identity card is then attached to the cremator where the coffin is placed and is kept with the ashes until they leave the crematorium

Each cremator is only large enough to take one coffin. When a cremation has finished, the ashes are placed into a separate chamber within the cremator for cooling. Once reduced, they are put into an individually identified container.

You can arrange through your funeral director or the crematorium for the ashes to be scattered in the crematorium garden of remembrance. Alternatively, you can have the ashes placed into a Niche or interned in an ash grave. We also offer new options which include a private garden or a segmented garden in the Queen Elizabeth memorial garden. We realise the importance of making the right decision in regard to the final resting place of a loved one, therefore the crematorium or funeral director can continue to care for the ashes until you are ready to make these arrangements. You can also collect the ashes from the crematorium or have your Funeral Director collect them on your behalf.

Yes you can bring your dog to the chapel as long as they are on a lead and well behaved. You can also bring your dog to the cemetery if they are kept on a lead at all times

Graves are prepared for burial at least one full day before the funeral and are covered overnight. The ICCM Guiding Principles for Burial Services states that immediately after the mourners have departed the graveside, the grave shall be entirely backfilled and made tidy. This work is completed on the day of the burial and coffins are not left uncovered overnight.

Some cultures require that the grave is filled in while the family watch or they may wish to undertake the backfilling of the grave themselves. When families want this it is essential that the cemetery is made aware of their requirements when the burial is first arranged. This will ensure that the family's wishes are met.

No. Unfortunately we do not offer weekend services at this time

you can do this by emailing

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