Private Garden

This memorial can be built for you anywhere in the Gardens of Remembrance.

Living Memorials

A Living Memorial includes a rosebush, shrub or tree with an inscribed plaque.

Ashes Niche

These above ground ashes memorials are available in two different locations.

Memorial Plaques

We have a range of plaques and styles available for dedication.

Book of Remembrance

An entry can be made on your chosen date within our historic quarterly books.

Segment Garden

A premium location around a water feature in the Queen Elizabeth Memorial Gardens.

Urns, Caskets & Keepsakes

We have a range of products suitable for your loved ones ashes.


We have Granite and Wooden benches both individual and communal.

Remembrance Wall

A brick can be removed and replaced with a coloured inscribed brick of your choice.

Eco Bird Box

Our Eco Bird Boxes can be placed in a variety of suitable locations.

Children’s Memorials

This is Jemima's Corner, an area within our Gardens of Remembrance.

Ashes into Glass

There is a wide range of Ashes into Glass memorials for you to choose from.